Things you can do

Visit the Parque Reserva Ecologica Barrancas del Cobre

Walks to the Indigenous Life of the Tarahumara Cave

Visit the Magical Town of Creel

Visit Cerocahui
The Longest Zipline in the World
Horse & ATV Riding

Don’t Take Our Word For It

Randy & Shirley, Canada

We so enjoyed our Copper Canyon trip, the culture, the picturesque scenery, people we met. The staff of the hotels were treated with utmost respect. The guides were very good, sometimes a bit of a language barrier but we managed to understand and be understood. ….. We traveled independently, but did have a guide. ….. not sure if we had a favorite. It was all a great experience.

Kathy, California

I enjoyed the small group experience (4). I do not usually travel on a “tour”. But it was very nice to have the guide & have all the arrangements in place. The van was comfortable & we enjoyed all the tours. We thoroughly enjoyed our visit to Mexico City!

Jose, Arizona

(The information received was) more than adequate. Full of great details. Fabulous train ride, Catholic Church, Overlooks, Gondola Ride. Highly professional and well qualified staff, very helpful in all aspects of the trip.

Patrick & Diane, Illinois

This trip was perfect…… We had limited time off of work. Mexico City, Teotihuacan and Angangueo were all awesome! …… Our guides were always on time, friendly and courteous. In spite of the traffic in Mexico City, the guides never complained or took shortcuts in the itinerary. ….. We highly recommend this trip. We are looking forward to planning a Copper Canyon Tour.

Frank & Marchien, BC Canada

All in all, this was one of the best tours we’ve taken, and would without hesitation recommend it to others. We traveled home by car through north-west Arizona and south-west Utah to see the canyon countries. They were very interesting, but the Copper Canyon was definitely unique.

Bruno Van Gils

Incredible trip. Very satisfied, quick response, open for special requests such as a preference for another hotel. Even with problems, they were immediately available and offered us various options. I advise everyone to book with the copper canyon tour.

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